Run away from injury

This blog is about the importance of hip abductor strength. Running is an ever popular form of exercise, but the runs aren’t always ‘fun’ especially when pain or injury rears its head. As Physiotherapists, we commonly see lower limb injuries in frustrated runners wanting to be out there pounding the pavement. It may be that […]

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The benefits of Clinical Pilates

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You may have heard of Clinical Pilates before, but are not sure about what is means. This blog is designed to help you understand what is and how it may benefit you.

Clinical Pilates is a system of safe and effective exercises which meet your specific individual needs, when tailored by your Physiotherapist. It focuses on building strength in your deeper layer of abdominal muscles, your deep supportive spinal muscles and your hip/pelvic musculature. All of which improve your core strength, balance and stability. Building a strong core foundation will allow your body to function at a higher capacity, improve your posture and reduce the incidence of pain and injury. (more…)

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The importance of good pillow

Here at Merritt Physiotherapy & Pilates, we are passionate about helping you find the correct pillow. We routinely get you to bring your existing pillow in to the clinic for evaluation of whether it is appropriate for your current needs.

We stock a variety of different brands and styles as individual needs vary.

We are pleased to stock the Flexi pillow range of memory foam pillows including the ingenious travel pillow. This pillow rolls up into a convenient cover for you to take travelling.

We also have a number of pillows from the  Dentons range and the Eclipse feather contoured pillows available.

flexi pillow

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McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method is a research proven treatment approach for back, neck and extremity symptoms developed by a world renowned Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. Robin McKenzie founded The McKenzie Institute International, which conducts educational programs and supports ongoing research in the McKenzie method throughout the world.

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Dysautonomia is a collection of symptoms related to disturbance or dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System, or ANS. The Autonomic Nervous System is the part of the nervous system that involves the regulation of organ function and control of heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiration, digestion and other vital functions.

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